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We sell used tractors in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Current stock at 1 August, 2017

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Zetor 6718 tractor for sale
Zetor 6718
Ford TW15 tractor for sale
Ford TW15, 4WD
Zetor 6245 tractor for sale
Zetor 6245 4WD
Zetor 7341 Super Turbo
Zetor 7341 Super Turbo with Trac lift 120 loader
K two airo swath conditioner
K two airo 225 swath conditioner
Zetor 8540 tractor

Zetor 8540, 1996, 4WD with Humpolec front loader

Zetor tractor sold
Zetor 6441, 2004, 4wd with Quicke 720 loader

Zetor 8441 for sale
Zetor Proxima 8441, 2006, with Trac Lift front loader