Fork Lift & Dumper PVC Seat RPSEAT17

  • £349.00

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  • Mechanical suspension
  • Weight adjustment 50-130 kg
  • Suspension travel 80 mm
  • Slide rail travel 180 mm
  • Slide rails at 328 mm centres
  • Heavy duty PVC trim with drainage
  • Seat width 460 mm
  • Foldable and adjustable backrest
  • Seat belt included
  • MGV35
  • Fitting/ spacer bracket is included
  • Pressure sensor switch fitted

RPSEAT17 is a stylish low profile mechanical suspension seat that enhances the aesthetics of new machines as well as providing a safe and comfortable working position for the operator. This seat is suitable for all types of agricultural, forklift and other small machinery. International standards met by RPSEAT17: EN 13490 / IT1 / IT2 / EM2 / EM4 / EM5 / EM7 / EM8. As a retrofit seat for refurbished vehicles the RPSEAT17 is an ideal replacement unit with slide rails already set at the popular 328 mm mounting centres. The Heavy Duty water resistant PVC with drainage makes it suitable for open or cabbed vehicles.


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